Force monitoring enables reliable manual press-insertion processes

Force monitoring enables reliable manual press-insertion processes

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The ForceMaster 9110 from burster enables continuous monitoring of force/time or force/displacement/time curves to ensure that even simple manual press-insertion processes are reliable.
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The instrument can monitor nearly all standard manual presses, supporting 100 % checks even for low-volume production lines, assembly or mechanics manufacturing lines, in medical engineering or the pharmaceutical and food industry. An auto-configuration feature combined with automatic sensor recognition means that even trainees can start using it reliably and quickly within a few minutes. "Card & Go", the clever SmartCard management system provides tamper-proof operation with access rights for handling of bad parts as well as administration of all sorts of different press tools using tool data. In case of recurrent parameters for tested items, this data can be quickly and reliably loaded into the ForceMaster 9110. Setup and configuration work is thus reduced to a minimum, preventing possible sources of error when connecting the sensors.

The integrated visual and acoustic signalling devices indicate whether the produced parts are OK or NOK. The adjustable tone and volume control makes it possible to differentiate between several ForceMaster 9110 machines in the production facilities and also provides support even for monotonous manufacturing processes. Additionally integrated stroke and unit counters mean that external counters are unnecessary. Simple control tasks can be optionally implemented using a special sequential control function. This can be used for additional tasks such as pneumatic clamping and release of workpieces, blowing out pressed parts, blocking the return stroke of the press or control of OK/NOK sorting diverters.

The option of saving measurement curves on a USB flash drive provides the user with an extremely cost-effective method of storing the curves at the machine as well as archiving and evaluating them later on with the office computer.

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