Force sensing touchscreen available in 7″ to 22″ sizes

Force sensing touchscreen available in 7″ to 22″ sizes

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After three years of development, TouchNetix Ltd is making its proprietary pressScreen force sensing technology available for integration into touchscreens. The new 15" diagonal pressScreen is supplied on an ultra-compact stainless steel mounting frame complete with an I2C interfaced driver board.
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Relying on newly developed capacitive measurement technology and a new sensor structure and geometry, TouchNetix’ pressScreen detects very small front lens displacements to enable mouse-type functionality with the use of just a single finger on the touchscreen.
Enabling entirely new use cases to be developed, the new sensing technology has been designed from the ground up to be EMC tolerant and readily deployed even when fully sealed.
TouchNetix pressScreen technology can also be used to define multiple thresholds of pressing force or alternatively deliver analogue data based on the degree of force applied. From this data, progressive applications such as ‘press-to-zoom’ can be realised.

The company expects its technology will be available over a range of sizes in line with customer demand in the coming months. The technology has been demonstrated successfully between 7" and 22" diagonal and can be fully customised to meet any end user application.

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