France forms team for SWIR quantum dot sensors

France forms team for SWIR quantum dot sensors

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New Imaging Technologies SA (Paris, France) has partnered with the Insitute of Nanosciences at Sorbonne University on short-wave infrared (SWIR) quantum dot sensors.
By Peter Clarke


The INS is researching and producing quantum dot materials of mercury telluride (HgTe) sensitive in the SWIR to MWIR wavelength range.

 Preliminary tests of quantum cascade detectors (QCDs) deposited over read-out circuitry (ROICs) have shown good results, NIT said.

The collaborative research program is being led by the French National Research Agency. “After 10 years of researching infrared imaging nanocrystal films we have been able to obtain impressive SWIR images when coupled to a NIT ROIC. Through this project, we now enter into a new step of collaboration to bring this proof of concept to a SWIR commercially available camera,” said Emmanuel Lhuillier, NIT quantum project principal investigator, in a statement.

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