Freescale 9-axis sensor platform available from Element14

Freescale 9-axis sensor platform available from Element14

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A sensor expansion board for accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, the Freescale 9-axis sensor platform shield is available from distributor element 14; FRDM-STBC-AGM01 features three of the latest sensing technologies incorporated on one board and has been manufactured at element 14’s Embest facility in China.
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Technologies that are typically found, says element 14, in high end consumer devices are now available in a single, low cost shield allow users to determine motion, position and location as well as angle of rotation.

David Shen, Group Chief Technology Officer at Premier Farnell said, “This expansion board uses one of the most popular accessory shield interfaces and allows designers from all industries to easily design in the latest accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer functionality into their designs.”

This 9-axis sensor expansion board for the FXAS21002C gyroscope and the FXOS8700CQ integrated e-compass, is compatible with most Freescale Freedom boards and is supported by the Freescale Sensor Fusion Toolbox. The FRDM-STBC-AGM01 is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring motion, orientation and location including:

Industrial and consumer grade robots, UAVs, and RC vehicles

Game controllers

Gyro-stabilised electronic compass

Gesture-based user interfaces and Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Mobile phones and tablets

Virtual and augmented reality devices (including glasses)

The Freescale 9-axis sensor platform shield is priced at £12.85 (UK£ or equivalent).

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