Hall effect sensor meets ISO 26262 safety

Hall effect sensor meets ISO 26262 safety

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Micronas extends its Hall-effect sensor portfolio by the HAL 15xy switch family. The new product succeeds the company's established HAL 5xy family; like its predecessor it is designed for automotive applications under harsh environmental conditions from –40 °C up to 150 °C ambient temperature. New is that the device is certified for safety-critical applications according to ISO 26262.
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With HAL 15xy, the customer can choose from a 3-wire version with short-circuit protected open-drain output or a 2-wire version with current source interface as well as from a wide range of different temperature-compensated constant switching points.

In order to fulfil enhanced functional safety requirements, this first generation of ASIL A ready Hall-effect switches on the market has been developed with a single-point fault metric greater than 60% according to the latest ISO 26262 standard.

In addition, HAL 15xy features an extremely low operating current consumption of only 1.6 mA to address the further demanding low-power demands. In combination with the minimum supply voltage of 2.7 V, the HAL 15xy holds a leading position in terms of power consumption among Hall sensors for automotive applications. The device can be operated with a maximum supply voltage of 24 V, provides an overvoltage protection capability of up to 40 V and withstands ESD pulses up to 8 kV.

The sensor also provides a variety of new diagnostic features, allowing a deployment in ASIL A, B and higher classified automotive applications. For even more stringent security requirements, the HAL 15xy features an additional, unique power-on self-test. It can optionally be enabled by the customer for a full functional test of the sensors’ signal processing path and output before starting standard operation.

For easiest design-in, the HAL 15xy is available in the very small SOT23 package with a footprint design and body dimensions according to the JEDEC standard.

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