Hermetically sealed SMD XO is only 5×3.2mm

Hermetically sealed SMD XO is only 5×3.2mm

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The RXO5032AD released by Rakon is claimed to be the smallest cost-effective crystal oscillator for aeronautics and high reliability applications.
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A custom option of RXO5032AD is also available with optional screening following the guidelines of MIL-PRF-55310 level B. The oscillator is able to operate in harsh environments at a reasonable cost with excellent high shock resistance of up to 1500 g. Drawing from 50 to 178mW, the chip features a low RMS jitter (0.9 ps typical) and tight ±50ppm frequency stability over its -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range. Offered in a hermetically sealed SMD package measuring 5.0×3.2×1.2mm, the device’s frequency range for CMOS output is 8 to 200MHz with a wide frequency range for LVPECL or LVDS output from 8 to 1500MHz.

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