High-resolution low-power miniature altimeter offers conversions down to 0.5-ms

High-resolution low-power miniature altimeter offers conversions down to 0.5-ms

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Measurement Specialties has released a miniature altimeter with a fast conversion time down to 0.5 ms via an I²C interface. The new MS5805 interfaces to virtually any microcontroller for design flexibility.
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The low-power digital barometric pressure sensor features a current consumption of only 0.6 uA, with a standby current of less than 0.1 uA at 25°C, and a supply voltage range of 1.8 V to 3.6 V.  The fast ms conversion time includes an oversampling selection of up to 8192 providing the sensor’s exceptionally low noise performance.

At its highest resolution of 0.02 mbar, equivalent to 20 cm of elevation, the 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC integrated digital pressure sensor has a pressure accuracy of ±4 mbar for pressures ranging from 300 mbar to 1200 mbar and temperatures spanning from -20°C to +85°C.

The high precision of the new sensor makes it ideal for portable and battery-operated devices such as fitness gadgets, mobile altimeter/barometer systems, bike computers, adventure or multi-mode watches, variometers and dataloggers.

Designed to accommodate a 2.5 mm x 1 mm O-ring, the MS5805 is splash-proof down to 40 m. This enables the module to be used in water-resistant devices, cell phones and GPS units that previously could not incorporate altimeter measurement functionality.

The sensor requires four large pads for operation for easy rooting to the PCB, improving reliability by ensuring proper mounting.  The sensor includes temperature measurement capabilities with an accuracy of ±2°C and a temperature resolution less than 0.01°C.  

Different operation modes allow the user to optimize the conversion speed and current consumption.  Long-term stability is ±1 mbar per year.

Peak supply current during conversion is 1.25 mA.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for an MS5805 Miniature Altimeter Sensor is $5.25 per unit in quantities of 10,000.   

More information about the MS5805 Miniature Altimeter Sensor at

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