High speed InGaAs linear image sensors

High speed InGaAs linear image sensors

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The high speed G10768-1024D InGaAs linear image sensors and the C10854 multichannel detector head from Hamamatsu Photonics have been designed to meet increasing industrial requirements for the detection of foreign bodies on-line in the near infrared range (wavelength range from 800 nm to 1700 nm).
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The G10768 devices features 1024 individual InGaAs photodiode pixels, combined with a low noise CMOS trans-impedance amplifier and multiplexor readout circuit, to simplify operation. In addition a selectable feedback capacitance is available allowing to choose the on-chip gain to increase dynamic range. The device has a pitch of 25mm and is capable of very high speed readout rates, in excess of 40,000 lines per second. The C10854 allows easy operation of the G10768, offering a high-speed readout, single +5 V supply voltage, 16-bit AD converter and simple CamerLink interface. Not only is the combination of the G10768 series and C10854 more cost effective, but also it is smaller than many other products on the market, says the manufacturer, making it more suited for integration into an existing system.

Applications for the G10768 and C10854 are found in on-line infrared inspection of products, including process monitoring, foreign body detection such as fragments of glass, re-cycling and sorting of different plastic materials by near IR spectroscopy, analysis of sugars, proteins and fats for in-line food inspection, petrochemical analysis and many more.

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