IDT offer broadband differential input RF amp

IDT offer broadband differential input RF amp

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IDT says its F1423 is the first such amp to integrate amplifier and balun in one package for direct connection to RF DACs and transceivers, simplifying designs for transmitters using RF digital-to-analogue converters and/or integrated transceivers, as in base stations and public safety infrastructure.
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F1423 integrates a high-performance amplifier and balun in one package, providing a differential input that aligns with the standard differential Tx outputs of RF DACs and integrated transceivers. Together with its wideband RF performance, this results in a much more streamlined transmitter design than competitive alternatives for today’s advanced wireless applications.

The F1423 delivers wide bandwidth – from 600 MHz to 3 GHz – to address a variety of RF transmitter applications with a single device. The amplifier delivers 13 dB typical gain, 20 dB Common-Mode-Rejection-Ratio (CMRR) and linearity of 42 dBm OIP3 @ 2000 MHz.

The F1423 features a 50Ω differential RF input and 50Ω single-ended output with up to 22 dBm of output power at 1 dB compression. It is suited for the high crest factor, high bandwidth, complex modulated 2G, 3G, and 4G signals that are output from RF DACs and integrated transceivers. It operates with a single 5 V supply at a typicsupply current of 120 mA. In a 4 x 4 mm 24-QFN package it costs $3.17 (10,000).al

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