Industrial interfaces take both touch and pressure inputs

Industrial interfaces take both touch and pressure inputs

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At Hannover Messe 2015, Peratech is to demonstrate its touch screen industrial controller relying on the company's standard keyboard sensor featuring Opaque QTC (Quantum Tunnelling Composite) force-sensing technology.
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The sensor accurately measures both the amount of pressure applied to the keypad and its precise location, at a better resolution than today’s capacitive touch screen technology. As an integral part of a total HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution, QTC technology is said to offer many advantages over capacitive and other existing touch solutions – greater safety, greater accuracy, better consistency, and higher reliability, in a cost effective solution with low EMI, power, and size constraints.

Operational at temperatures lower than -20ºC and higher than +60ºC, the QTC technology can work behind a variety of surfaces including glass, metal or plastic, and it uses less processing power compared to projected-capacitive solutions. The overall power budget is also less with a QTC-based solution as it only requires power when touched, unlike capacitive that always has its sensing field powered up and thus draining the battery life, claims Peratech.

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