Infrared LEDs target touch panel applications

Infrared LEDs target touch panel applications

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Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight introduces three new 850nm HIR (high efficiency infrared) LEDs featuring a high output power and narrow viewing angles. This makes them ideal for use in high-tech intelligence touch panel and proximity sensors. The HIR LEDs are available from distributor Rutronik GmbH as of now.
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Two of the three new HIR LEDs are top view SMD LEDs especially suited for proximity sensor applications. The HIR89-01C has a viewing angle of 30° and achieves a very high radiant intensity of 55mW/sr at 70mA. The HIR91- 01C/L97 with a 40° viewing angle reaches an intensity of 40mW/sr at 70mA. Wide viewing angles with high output power rarely occur with most proximity sensors, making the HIR89 and HIR91 ideal for all proximity sensor applications such as smart phones as well as optical touch panels.

For side-view touch applications smaller than 80 inches, Everlight’s HIR83-01B in a slim SMD package features a radiant intensity of 5mW/sr at 20mA and a viewing angle of 100°(X)/40°(Y). The asymmetric viewing angle is especially suitable for touch panel applications.

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