Linear position sensors operate up to 538°C

Linear position sensors operate up to 538°C

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Sensor Solutions' HT-1000 Series of extreme high-temperature linear position sensors are designed for applications demanding the highest levels of reliability in the rugged environments of industrial equipment such as those found within power plants, engine control systems, and autoclaves.
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These AC-operated LVDTs are constructed of special high-temperature materials to withstand temperatures up to 538°C. The HT-1000 LVDTs provide a ratiometric output for reduced thermal error that results in an extremely low thermal sensitivity over a wide temperature range. In addition to offering linearity of ±0.5% of full range, the HT-1000 AC-LVDTs offers unlimited mechanical and electrical life as well as high reliability due to the absence of friction and contact between the core and coil.   The frictionless operation of the linear position sensor combined with the induction function by which it operates, provides for truly infinite resolution, with the only limitation on resolution posed by the readability of the external electronics. Position sensors feature a through-bore design that makes the core accessible from both ends for better mechanical support and core guidance and facilitates clean-out in dusty or dirty locations. The HT-1000 linear position sensors come in ranges from ± 12.7mm to ±25.4mm.

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