Low noise amplifier covers DC to 50 GHz

Low noise amplifier covers DC to 50 GHz

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Custom MMIC has announced the addition of the CMD206, a DC-50 GHz distributed low noise amplifier in die form, to their diverse and growing product line.
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The CMD206 features DC to 50 GHz operation with a noise figure of less than 3.5 dB, a gain of greater than 11 dB, and an output 1 dB compression point of +12 dBm at 30 GHz. The amplifier requires an all-positive bias of only 4 V at 32 mA (drain), 3 V (gate).

An external drain bias network and input blocking capacitor are required for proper operation. The die offers full passivation for increased reliability and moisture protection.

Applications for the CMD206 include microwave radio and VSAT, telecom infrastructure, test instrumentation, military and space, and fiber optics.


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