Low noise rubidium primary reference clock source integrates GPS receiver

Low noise rubidium primary reference clock source integrates GPS receiver

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Designed for high accuracy timing and synchronisation applications in defence and professional systems, the LNRClok-1500 from Aspen Electronics is a low noise rubidium primary reference clock source.
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Manufactured by Swiss company, SpectraTime, the oscillator is optionally available with integrated GPS/GNSS receiver, and uses the proprietary innovative SmarTiming+ technology.

Spectratime’s SmarTiming+ technology has been developed to perform a number of synchronisation, discipline and control functions that would previously been implemented externally on a separate circuit board. These include auto-adaptive Stratum-1 reference disciplining and jitter/wander/noise filtering between 0-100,000 at 1 ns resolution, exceeding MTIE/TDEV G.823/T1.101 standards for T1/E1 reference. The multi-vendor GPS interface comes with auto-adaptive reference filtering, disciplining, control and Time RAIM/Position Hold signal optimisation. Auto-adaptive frequency stability is ensured over fast temperature changes at 0.1° resolution. The unit also features a Sync/Track setting mode to either phase align 1PPSout from a 1PPS GPS reference through the Sync mode or to frequency track 1PPSout from a Stratum-1 reference through Track mode.

The ultra-low phase noise characteristic of -130 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz on a 10 MHz signal is crucial for very high frequency up-converters in advanced radio communications applications, in both commercial and military sectors. The feature is important also for complex, advanced test and measurement instrumentation. An optional SMA connector is available for a GPS/GNSS antenna kit.


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