Low power MEMS clocks pursue industrial IoT

Low power MEMS clocks pursue industrial IoT

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SiTime Corp., a vendor of MEMS-based timing ICs and a wholly-owned subsidiary of MegaChips Corp., has introduced the SiT1569 oscillator and the SiT1576 TCXO with expanded frequency range.
By Peter Clarke


These reference clocks, with 1Hz to 2MHz nominal values are designed to drive microcontrollers (MCUs) and analog front end (AFE) modules in a range of portable and IoT applications such as railroad activity sensors in harsh environments, seismic sensor interface applications, and personal medical diagnostics.

The current draw of 2-microamps enables 10 year battery life from a coin cell and both products are packahed in a 1.2 square millimeter chip-scale package. Accuracy is +/-50ppm in the case of the SiT1569 and +/-5ppm in the case of the SiT1576.

Samples of the SiT1576 Super-TCXO and SiT1569 oscillator are available with production volume iplanned for 3Q17.

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SiT1576: https://www.sitime.com/products/1-khz-to-1-mhz-oscillators-tcxo/sit1576

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