Lowest drift claimed for bandgap voltage reference

Lowest drift claimed for bandgap voltage reference

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Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT6657, a family of bandgap voltage references that exhibits less than 1.5ppm/°C of temperature drift.
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The company claims this is the industry’s lowest drift bandgap voltage reference.

It outputs 2.5V from inputs between 50mV above the output, up to 40V, and with a supply current of 1.2mA. In shutdown mode, power consumption is reduced to 4-microamps. Load regulation error is less than 6ppm/mA and line regulation error is less than 4ppm/V, both under worst-case conditions. The LT6657 is fully specified for  40°C to 125°C and was designed for applications in instrumentation, test equipment and automotive systems. Additional voltage options are in development. Prices start at $3.19 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Summary of Features:

A-Grade (0.1% Initial Accuracy, 1.5ppm/°C Drift)

B-Grade (0.1% Initial Accuracy, 3ppm/°C Drift)

0.5ppmP-P Noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz)

Fully Specified Over 40°C to 125°C 

±10mA Sink & Source Capability

Low Power Shutdown: <4µA Maximum

Operates on a Supply Voltage up to 40V

Guaranteed Low Dropout Voltage: 

50mV @ No Load

150mV @ –10mA Load Current

450mV @ 10mA Load Current

Guaranteed Load Regulation:

3ppm/mA Maximum @ 25°C

6ppm/mA Maximum Over Temperature

Guaranteed Line Regulation:

2ppm/V Maximum @ 25°C

4ppm /V Maximum Over Temperature

2.5V Voltage Option Available Now

Additional Options in Development Contact Marketing

8-Lead MSOP Package

For more information, visit www.linear.com/product/LT6657


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