Magnetoresistive sensors give high-sensitivity position detection

Magnetoresistive sensors give high-sensitivity position detection

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The newest additions to Honeywell’s magnetoresistive technologies feature highly sensitive sensor integrated circuits (ICs), which replace detectors such as reed relays and offer design engineers more flexibility for creating a range of industrial, medical and white goods devices.
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The Standard Power Series – which includes four new sensor ICs – offers a sensitivity of 11 Gauss max, making the sensors among the most highly sensitive in their class for standard power applications. This allows larger air gaps between the sensor IC and the magnet and permits engineers to decrease the total cost of their designs by using smaller, less expensive magnets.

In addition to high sensitivity, the Standard Power Series Sensor ICs also feature a solid-state, non-contact, no-glass design that makes them durable and reliable. Their supply voltage range (3 Vdc-24 Vdc), omnipolar operation, various package options and wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C simplify the design-in processes for wired applications. Potential applications include everything from flow sensing in HVAC and anti-tamper detection in utility meters, to RPM sensing in exercise equipment and door position detection.

Honeywell adds, “[These] sensor ICs provide strong alternatives to Hall-effect ICs at a time when rare earth magnet prices are high. They also are solid alternatives to reed switches when high reliability and durability are major considerations.”

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