Magnetostrictive sensor delivers up to 0.005mm resolution

Magnetostrictive sensor delivers up to 0.005mm resolution

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MTS Sensors' ET high performance magnetostrictive position sensor can deliver up to 0.005mm resolution when used in combination with a suitable controller.
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With the ability to precisely determine exact positions even at 105°C temperature levels, the small rod sensor can be integrated directly into a cylinder, with rod length options covering 50mm to 3000mm. It exhibits linearity deviation of less than 0.02% (full scale). ET sensors have liquid ingress protection in accordance with IP68.

Furthermore, ATEX certification for hazardous areas is available. These devices are equipped with a start/stop interface. They also have the capacity for sensor parameters to be automatically uploaded. A 316L stainless steel variant can be specified if needed.

The proprietary Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology developed by MTS Sensors presents customers with a non-contact method for accurately measuring position, which permits its implementation into the most demanding of application environments. Sensors based on this technology are highly resilient to shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures.

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