Marvell licenses startup’s SerDes

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By Peter Clarke

The technology is capable of delivering 1Tbps bandwidth at less than 1 watt and is suitable for short chip-to-chip links inside and outside of packaging, according to Kandou, a 2011 spin off from the Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). Marvell will use the technology in a variety of multi-die products, Kandou said.

Kandou’s technology is based on a method called Chord signaling and comprises correlated signals sent over multiple wires. The version of Chord signaling employed in Glasswing, CNRZ-5 coding, delivers 5 bits over 6 wires for a total bandwidth of 125Gbps. The total link power consumption of Glasswing when built in TSMC’s 16nm 16FF foundry process is about 700 femtojoules/bit. 

Kandou claims that the energy efficiency at high bandwidth will enable architectural innovations in a number of products ranging from mobile terminals, such as smartphones, to enterprise and data center computers.

“Marvell provides a wide variety of world-class consumer and enterprise silicon solutions and we are excited to collaborate with them to realize the capabilities of our Chord signaling technology,” said Amin Shokrollahi, founder and CEO of Kandou, in a statement.

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