Maxim offers integrated PPG and ECG biosensor module

Maxim offers integrated PPG and ECG biosensor module

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The MAX86150 from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) is a sensor that provides both photoplethysmogram (PPG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements for use in mobile, battery-powered equipment.
By Peter Clarke


The component comes in the form of a module that includes internal LEDs, photodetectors and an ECG analog front-end (AFE) to provide FDA-certifiable PPG and ECG measurement capability for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smart speakers.

The unit provides a shutdown current draw of 0.7microamps and uses dry electrode operation to eliminates the need for gels, fluids and sticky pads on other parts of the body.

The 22-pin optical module measures 3.3mm by 6.6mm by 1.3mm.

The MAX86150 is available for $4.00 in 1000-up quantities and the MAX86150EVSYS# evaluation kit is available for $150.

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