MEMS development visualisation tool

MEMS development visualisation tool

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STMicroelectronics has released the Profi MEMS tool development platform to allow visualisation of the behaviour of ST’s MEMS sensors and maximise their performance.
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The platform features a high-performance STM32F401 MCU and flexible power management. The Profi MEMS Tool board powers the sensors and gathers output data for a developer GUI running on the host PC. Users can use ST’s UNICO GUI or third-party tools to analyse the data.

Profi MEMS Tool assists users to explore all the operating modes and power settings and optimise performance and accuracy. The board’s compute power can handle complex datasets, such as OIS/EIS from ST’s 6-axis inertial modules, as well as simple sensor readings like barometric pressure and accelerometer or gyroscope data.

Software-adjustable power circuitry allows the sensor supply voltage to be set from 0V to 3.6V. The board provides accurate power monitoring that allows users to detect the sensor supply voltage and current drawn without connecting external instruments.

The Profi MEMS Tool is available now priced $85.75.

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