MEMS market to reach $17 billion in 2013

MEMS market to reach $17 billion in 2013

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The global market for MEMS will generate almost $17 billion in revenues in 2013, according to market research firm Semico Research. This will be mainly due to strong sales into smartphone, tablet computer and automotive electronics markets.
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However, over the coming years mobile healthcare is likely to make an increasing contribution to sales of MEMS-based sensors and should help drive a compound annual growth rate of 13 percent that will take the MEMS market to an annual value of $28 billion in 2017.

The healthcare industry has known for many years that prevention is much better than cure and that hospitalization is many times more expensive than treating conditions in patients’ homes and before they become critical. Health and well-being equipment populated with sensors and linked to mobile phones is seen as the way to enable monitoring and management of health conditions.

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