MEMS micromirror aids Intel’s RealSense lidar

MEMS micromirror aids Intel’s RealSense lidar

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STMicroelectronics has developed a small MEMS micromirror for inclusion in Intel's RealSense L515 lidar camera.
By Peter Clarke


The lidar uses the micromirror for spatial scanning of the environment and is intended for industrial applications such as robotic arms for bin picking, volumetric measurements, logistics, and 3D scanning.

The lidar camera measures 61mm in diameter and 26mm in height. In combination with a custom photodiode sensor, the RealSense LiDAR Camera L515 renders a 3D depth map of the entire scene.

ST’s second-generation of micromirror provides 30 frames per second across a field of view measuring 70-degrees by 55 degrees.

“Continuing the long-term supply relationship for micromirrors with Intel demonstrates our never-ending efforts to leverage our long-lasting leadership in MEMS to meet the demanding technical and supply needs of our customers,” said Benedetto Vigna, president of the analog, MEMS and sensors business group within ST.

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