MEMS research center formed by ST, Politecnico di Milano

MEMS research center formed by ST, Politecnico di Milano

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ST has formed a five-year collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano of which a key part is the establishment of a joint research center on advanced materials for sensors (STEAM).
By Peter Clarke


STEAM will include a 200mm pilot wafer fab and will give professors, researchers, and PhDs the means to conceive, design and develop MEMS technology and to create new MEMS products.

ST already has a long-standing collaboration with Politecnico di Milano but the investment in STEAM is expected to make the science-based university even more attractive to academics. At the same time it is expected to fuel ST’s R&D roadmap in advanced sensors, MEMS and analog. There are four main areas of interest: advanced MEMS, motion control, power electronics, and galvanic isolation.

The 200mm wafer fab pilot line will be in addition to and existing150mm line of the PoliFab clean room. Dedicated to the development of new MEMS technologies, the new pilot line will be used to support research projects, training, and thesis elaboration.

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