Micrel’s 10 criteria for choosing a MEMS foundry

Micrel’s 10 criteria for choosing a MEMS foundry

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Micrel Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) has prepared an article that lays out the 10 criteria to help guide someone in the choice of a MEMS foundry.
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They are in no given significance to the order:

1: Customer expectations

2: Cost

3: IP

4: Financial viability of foundry

5: Process technology platform

6: Pure-play versus product foundry

7: Scalability and compatibility

8: Location

9: Customer management

10: Quality

Micrel has been offering MEMS foundry services for a couple of years on 6-inch diameter wafers in San Jose, Calif. and makes MEMS for two of the top twenty worldwide vendors. Micrel has posted an article on the top 10 listing at Slideshare.

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