Micro flow switch and bubble detector for liquids

Micro flow switch and bubble detector for liquids

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The LG01 micro flow switch from Sensirion AG has been designed for ultra-low liquid flow rates and bubble detection. The sensor makes fluidic systems more reliable by enabling the detection of liquid flow within the range of a few ml/min and less. For such measurements the sensor offers a short response time below 100 ms.
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Its output signal of either 0 or 5 volts indicates whether the current flow rate is above or below the specified flow switch level. At continuous flow rates above this limit the identification of air bubbles within the flow channel is equally consistent. Maximum flow rates are accepted up to 220 ml/min. Fluidic connections can be made via ¼-28 standard fittings, suitable for connecting plastic tubing with outer diameters of 3.2mm or 1.6mm. Barb connector adapters are available as an alternative. The tiny, light sensor is designed for integration into bio-medical applications and general process control solutions. An excellent chemical resistance and bio-compatibility are ensured by its non-invasive measurement through the wall of the straight, internal glass capillary (diameter 1.8 mm) and fluidic connectors made of PEEK high-end plastics.

More info and datatsheet at www.sensirion.com/lg01

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