Moortec temperature monitor now on TSMC 16FF+ and 16FFC

Moortec temperature monitor now on TSMC 16FF+ and 16FFC

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Process sensor IP licensor Moortec Semiconductor Ltd. (Plymouth, England) has announced the availability of its temperature sensor for use on the 16FF+ and 16FFC manufacturing processes from foundry TSMC.
By Peter Clarke


The temperature sensor is a complement to the voltage sensor announced for the same 16nm processes in 2016 (see Moortec’s voltage monitor now on TSMC 16FF+ & FFC).

The temperature sensor has been developed for inclusion in ASIC designs where it can be used for dynamic performance optimization and as part of dynamic voltage and frequency scaling.

“There is now a critical need for reliable and accurate in-chip thermal monitoring for semiconductor geometries of 16nm and below,” said Stephen Crosher, managing director of Moortec, in a statement. “Embedded PVT monitoring is an emerging market and we are pleased to be supporting TSMC’s customers with our innovative thermal sensing circuit technology.”

Moortec has also extended its IP offering within the embedded monitoring space by providing PVT control subsystems, extra digital interfacing options for on-chip buses and enhanced support for Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) sub-systems.

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