Multifunction optical sensor aims at smartphones

Multifunction optical sensor aims at smartphones

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The TMx4903 component covers remote control, barcode emulation, RGB color sensing, proximity detection and 3D gesture detection in a package measuring 5.0mm by 2.0mm by 1.0mm.
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By integrating multiple optical sensing functions, and an infrared LED in a module, AMS AG says it helps to simplify smartphone board layouts.

The two variants in the series – the TMD4903 and TMG4903 – perform accurate color and proximity sensing, and integrate an infrared pattern generator that complies with universal remote control (URC) standards.The URC capability is also compatible with the Android Consumer IR programming interface for remote-control applications on smartphones. Mobeam 1D barcode emulation for use at retail point-of-sale terminals is also supported.

The G variant adds the ability to perform gesture recognition.

The TMD4903 and TMG4903 are available in production volumes with pricing for the TMD4903 at $2.00 and for the TMG4903 at $2.50 in order quantities of 1,000. Evaluation boards for the TMD4903 and TMG4903 are available for purchasers that AMS thinks "qualify." Qualification parameters for the receipt of evaluation boards were not disclosed.

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