OmniVision, eyeSight, push gesture towards the smartphone

OmniVision, eyeSight, push gesture towards the smartphone

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CMOS image sensor vendor OmniVision Technologies Inc. is collaborating with software company eyeSight Technologies Ltd. to create a gesture recognition module in what it claims will be the industry's smallest form factor.
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The module will be based on OmniVision’s OVM6211 global shutter camera and be able to recognize multiple gestures in varying and low-light conditions, OmniVision said.

The OVM6211 is a camera that includes lens, sensor and packaging and a captures video at 120fps at a resolution of up to 400 by 400 pixels. It comes in a package measuring 3.23mm by 3.23mm by 2.52mm. The size of the camera and eyeSight’s small memory footprint gesture-recognition software makes the combination suitable for adding gesture control to space-constrained devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and wearable equipment.

"One of the frustrations with gesture recognition solutions in the market today is that they tend to work poorly in low light conditions," said Gideon Shmuel, CEO at eyesight, in a statement issued by OmniVision.

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