Piezo MEMS microphone optimized for voice, arrays

Piezo MEMS microphone optimized for voice, arrays

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Vesper Technologies Inc. (Boston, Mass.) has introduced the VM1001, a piezoelectric MEMS microphone designed for voice in beamforming arrays, outdoor applications and industrial sensors.
By Peter Clarke


The VM1001 has sensitivity tolerance of +/-1dB and phase matching, which allows high performance arrays to be built. It also has an acoustic overload point of 127dB SPL with instantaneous recovery for audio capture in loud environments.

Due to their piezoelectric principle of operation Vesper microphones are natively immune to environmental contaminants such as dust, water, moisture, oil, particulate matter and shock. Vesper microphones are also immune to stiction.

“The widespread use cases are what make the VM1001 unique – it’s designed for all things voice, especially systems that are installed outdoors, in harsh environments or that require a usable life of more than five years,” said Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper, in a statement.

The VM1001 has a small 3.76mm by 2.95mm by 1.3mm package. It is reflow solder-compatible with no sensitivity degradation. The VM1001 has started sampling and will be in volume production in 1Q19.

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