PIN photodiode in a 5x4x0.9mm SMD package

PIN photodiode in a 5x4x0.9mm SMD package

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Vishay Intertechnology has launched a high speed silicon PIN photodiode with enhanced sensitivity for visible light. Offered in a compact 5x4mm top-view, surface-mount package with a low 0.9 mm profile, the VEMD5080X01 offers fast switching times and low capacitance for precise signal detection in wearable devices and medical, industrial, and automotive applications.
By Julien Happich


Offering a large radiant-sensitive area measuring 7.5 mm² and high radiant sensitivity with a reverse light current of 45µA and dark current of 0.2nA, the device detects visible and near infrared radiation over a wide sensitivity range from 350nm to 1100nm. For green LEDs, the VEMD5080X01’s sensitivity represents a 30 % improvement over previous-generation solutions. When used with Vishay’s VLMTG1400 green LED, the photodiode’s small size and sensitivity enable slim sensor designs for optical heart rate detection in wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches. When combined with Vishay’s VSMD66694 660nm and 940nm dual colour emitting diodes, the device is ideal for SpO2 measurement in medical monitors. In addition, it provides high speed photo detection in smoke detectors with dual-wavelength light sources and automotive dust and particle sensors in combination with a red diode.

The VEMD5080X01 features a ± 65° angle of half-sensitivity, a wide temperature range of -40 to +110°C and peak sensitivity at 950nm. The device is tested to AEC-Q101 standards for Automotive Grade semiconductors.

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