Plastic Logic splits, forms FlexEnable

Plastic Logic splits, forms FlexEnable

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Plastic Logic Ltd., a spin-off company from the Cavendish Laboratory, founded in 2000 that has specialized in polymer transistors for use in active-matrix display backplanes, has decided to split its development and manufacturing activities into two independent companies.
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Plastic Logic in Cambridge, England, which comprises the research and development activity has been renamed as FlexEnable Ltd. The manufacturing plant in Dresden, Germany, which develops, manufactures and sells a range of flexible, electrophoretic displays, will operate independently under the name Plastic Logic Germany using technology license agreements with FlexEnable.

Indro Mukerjee, chairman of FlexEnable Ltd. said that the company’s plastic electronics had reached a level of development that made it suitable for use in displays in wearables and mobile devices but also for use in sensors in Internet of Things applications.

"To generate focus while addressing the full range of opportunities available in these markets, the technology development and manufacturing parts of Plastic Logic will be separated and will go forward as independent companies," he said, in a statement.

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