Plessey releases samples of 350-mW GaN on silicon LEDs

Plessey releases samples of 350-mW GaN on silicon LEDs

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Plessey has announced that samples of the company's PLB010350 350-mW LED product are now available.
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The entry level lighting devicess are manufactured on Plessey’s 6-inch MAGIC (Manufactured on GaN I/C) line at its Plymouth, England facility. The new LED products are aimed at a variety of solid state lighting and entertainment-type lighting products including accent lighting, wall washing, wall grazing, strip-lighting and a variety of pulse lighting applications.

Barry Dennington, Plessey’s COO, said: "The MAGIC LED product range is expanding in both light output and efficacy. The PLB010350 is our first, high current device operating at anywhere from 350 mA through to 2 A in pulse applications. We have also been able to demonstrate the versatility and the potential of the Plessey GaN on Si technology by constructing an LED with a relatively large die area. This new 350 mW product demonstrates the inherent flexibility we have for the manufacture of LEDs with a 6-inch GaN on silicon substrate in an integrated circuit manufacturing line. We are seeing continual improvements in output efficiencies in the lab which means we will continue to launch new products in line with our product release plan."

The use of Plessey’s MAGIC GaN line using standard semiconductor manufacturing processing provides yield entitlements of greater than 95% and fast processing times providing a cost advantage compared with standard LEDs of similar quality.

Plessey announced the first commercially available GaN on large diameter silicon LEDs in April 2013.

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