Plessey Semiconductors signs Chinese distribution deal with Alphatec

Plessey Semiconductors signs Chinese distribution deal with Alphatec

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Plessey Semiconductors has signed a distribution agreement for the Greater China market with Alphatec.
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The cooperation will market Plessey’s EPIC sensors (Electronic Potential Integrated Circuit) in synergy with Alphatec’s system solutions for applications in the fields of e-health, automotive, sports, fitness and smart lighting.

Alphatec’s system solutions will link in with Plessey’s high brightness, MAGIC LED technology that offers cost reductions as it is based on standard silicon wafers rather than expensive sapphire.

By expanding Alphatec’s portfolio with Plessey’s technologically advanced RF solutions and Power Management products (LDOs) for applications in DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and set-top box products, Alphatec will be able to offer more complete solutions that will fulfil sophisticated customer requirements.

EPIC technology enables the sensor to capture minimal changes of the electric field using a high-precision, non-contact voltmeter within the millivolt region to detect bio-electrical signals (ECG, EMG, EOG, EEG) and changes in electric fields. Plessey is already pioneering the use of EPIC technology, which is used in its recently launched, heart beat monitors, imPulse and inCite.

David Owen, Plessey’s Global Sales Director, said: "The Chinese market will be a critical one for the design of advanced health care applications that are ideally suited for the Plessey EPIC technology. Added to that the huge growth in LED-based lighting applications in China where Plessey’s advanced GaN on Silicon MAGIC LED technology will offer a significant cost saving means we are very pleased to be working with Alphatec, who have a unique position in this region."

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