Projected capacitive displays in 15.0, 15.6 and 17.3 inch sizes

Projected capacitive displays in 15.0, 15.6 and 17.3 inch sizes

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Data Modul is extending the standard product portfolio with additional in-house developed projected capacitive (PCAP/PCT) sizes namely 15.0”, 15.6” and 17.3”. All three PCAP solutions are 100% compatible with the existing easyMaxTouch USB driverless controllers.
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The advantage of the easyTouch PCAP is that it could be integrated with any kind of customer end product with any kind of operating system platform. As a result of the renewed glass/glass stack-up, the touch panel could withstand to higher temperature ranges up to 70°C. The light transmission ratio is improved up to 90%, so that the image quality of the display is also enhanced. Furthermore, touch panel ITO-structures are almost invisible. Optionally, Data Modul offers an in-house optical bonding, whereby the touch panel can be bonded on customized front glasses.

Key benefits are improved touch functionality and robustness being suitable for applications that expose the touch to higher pressure. Besides, the touch panel can also be bonded on the display directly, whereby arises highest clearness of display.

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