Prophesee sensor enables driver monitoring

Prophesee sensor enables driver monitoring

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Xperi Holding Corp. (Calabasas, Calif.) has developed a driver monitoring system based on the Metavision event-based vision sensor from Prophesee SA.
By Peter Clarke


DTS Inc., a wholly-owned subisidiary of Xperi, has developed gaze tracking, head pose, identification, and eyelid opening applications based on the sensor.

The event-based sensors are optimized for low light conditions and can be used without active illumination. They also allow identification of saccadic eye movement and micro-expressions.

 “DTS AutoSense’s innovative AI-enabled approach underscores the ability of Prophesee’s sensor solution to provide OEMs with an effective safety enhancement for vehicles of all types,” said Marc Rousseau, vice president of business development at Prophesee.

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