QFN I/Q mixers for X-Band and 24 GHz applications

QFN I/Q mixers for X-Band and 24 GHz applications

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Hittite Microwave Corporation has launched two high performance GaAs MMIC I/Q mixers which further complement Hittite’s extensive mixer product portfolio while providing frequency coverage for a broad range of applications spanning 8 to 28 GHz.
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The HMC1063LP3E and the HMC1056LP4BE are GaAs MMIC I/Q mixers in compact leadless “Pb free” SMT packages, which can be used as either image reject mixers or as single sideband upconverters. The mixers utilize two standard Hittite double balanced mixer cells and a 90 degree hybrid fabricated in a GaAs Schottky diode process. A low frequency quadrature hybrid is used to produce a 1000 MHz LSB IF output.

Ideal for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, the HMC1056LP4BE I/Q mixer operates from 8 to 12 GHz, supports an IF bandwidth from DC to 4 GHz and features 25 dBc of image rejection. The HMC1056LP4BE mixer also features high input IP3 of 18 dBm, while LO to RF isolation is typically 40 dB. The HMC1063LP3E is ideal for 24 GHz sensor applications and operates from 24 to 28 GHz with a DC to 3 GHz IF bandwidth. The HMC1063LP3E also provides 21 dBc of image rejection and a high input IP3 of 17 dBm. LO to RF isolation is typically 40 dB. Both operate with low LO power of 10 dBm and may be used for military radar, EW, ELINT and satellite communications applications.

These I/Q mixers are a much smaller alternative to hybrid style image reject mixers and single sideband upconverter assemblies eliminate the need for wire bonding and facilitate the use of surface mount manufacturing techniques.


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