Report: CMOS image sensors in short supply

Report: CMOS image sensors in short supply

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Sony, the world's largest supplier of CMOS image sensors is giving priority to its two largest customers – Apple and Samsung Electronics – and, as a result, China-based smartphone vendors are suffering shortages, according to a Digitimes report that referenced unnamed sources.
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China’s smartphone companies, including Xiaomi Technology, Huawei Device, Coolpad and ZTE are only receiving 70 percent of what they have ordered while for second and third tier vendors are receiving as little as 20 percent of their orders due to their lack of bargaining power, the report added.

As a result phone makers are considering switching orders to other CMOS image sensor vendors such as OmniVision, Samsung and Toshiba, the report said.

It is notable that OmniVision’s board of directors has accepted a takeover offer of $1.9 billion from a Chinese consortium led by Beijing-based Hua Capital Management and that if this deal goes through would give China control of the third largest vendor of CMOS image sensors.

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