RF MEMS tuner gains design wins in LTE phones

RF MEMS tuner gains design wins in LTE phones

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Cavendish Kinetics has said that its RF MEMS switch is gaining design wins as a tuning element for antennas in multiband LTE smartphones.
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Cavendish (San Jose, Calif.) has named the product SmarTune and is shipping in 5 or more models where it can help phones address both the 2GHz band required in China and the 700/800MHz bands required by many European and North American operators.

These RF MEMS tuners outperform traditional SOI-based antenna tuning solutions by 2 to 3dB which results in data rates that are twice as high and improved battery life. Optimizing the MIMO performance in smartphones further improves user data rates and network efficiency.

The SmarTune RF MEMS switch has been designed into the Nubia Z9 smartphone from ZTE Corp. for dual antenna optimization, Cavendish said. This was necessary because the screen extends to the edge of the device leaving little room for antenna. The use of the RF MEMS switch can be used to shift the resonant frequency of multiple narrow-band antennas.

Cavendish has adopted wafer level packaging technology from STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (Singapore) to allow deliver of the RF MEMS tuners in chip scale package with an area of 2 square millimeters.

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