Sensor interface IC provides 24-bit resolution

Sensor interface IC provides 24-bit resolution

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Micro Analog Systems Oy (Helsinki, Finland) has announced the release of the MAS6503, a 24-bit piezoresistive sensor signal interface IC primarily intended for MEMS-based pressure sensor modules.
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The device uses a ratiometric AD-converter principle employing a delta-sigma conversion technique to achieve the high resolution. At one sensor reading per second at full resolution it consumes 18.3 microamps, including the sensor bridge current and it operates with supply voltages between 1.8 and 3.6 volts.

The IC offers five values for the oversampling ratio to allow optimization between conversion accuracy, speed and current consumption. The effective number of bits is 17.4. A voltage monitor makes the chip applicable in battery-operated systems and it communicates over a standard I2C two-wire serial bus interface.

The MAS6503 is available in a QFN-16 package as well as tested wafer or die in waffle pack.

Functional block diagram of the MAS6503 sensor interface IC. Source Micro Analog.

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