Sensor manages backlight LEDs

Sensor manages backlight LEDs

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MAZeT GmbH has developed JENCOLOR-based products to control and manage LEDs in backlighting and display applications.
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The products will be demonstrated at the SENSOR + TEST international trade fair in Nuremberg from June 3rd to 5th 2014 and at the Lightfair International 2014 in Las Vegas USA in June 2014.

In addition to mixed-signal ASIC design and custom base boards for COM modules from different vendors are the application-specific development utilizing the JENCOLOR color and spectral sensor expertise. MAZeT takes over the supply and servicing of customers’ products for the entire product life cycle.

With the sensor board MTCS-INT-AB4 MAZeT offers the latest generation of OEM True Color sensor boards based on the JENCOLOR filter technology. The sensor board can be directly attached to the light source via simple optical connectors. The board sends the measured color values to the attached electronic input via I²C interface (XYZ values based on CIE1931). The recorded input data can be used for any color management task.

The board includes the True Color sensor MTCSiCF as well as the analog-to-digital signal converter MCDC04EQ which makes it possible to utilize a real color feedback loop for LED solutions to eliminate color drifts caused by temperature fluctuations, aging or binning.

The MTCS-INT-AB4 OEM sensor board assists companies without their own hardware development to integrate a cost-efficient solution or to provide initial testing options.


– Color control via feedback loop of multi-colored LEDs

– Color measurement for display calibration

– Sensor unit for colorimeters or photometers

For system and application testing, the MTCS-INT-AB4 sensor board is also available in form of a Development Kit. The sensor board is mounted in an ESD-protected casing and controlled via an I2C-to-USB interface. The sensor system can be easily configured and calibrated with the included PC test software. The specification of the sensor and the sensor electronics is utilized via flexible control files at PC level.

After successful validation of an application using the Development Kit, the programming of the sensor electronics can easily be mapped to a µC and the sensor board can be integrated directly via I2C.

MAZeT focuses the company’s activities on medical electronics, industrial electronics and intelligent control systems for LED lighting with high demands on light quality, color and long-term stability.

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