SiFive signs Flex Logix for low-cost FPGA fabric

SiFive signs Flex Logix for low-cost FPGA fabric
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RISC-V open source processor developer SiFive Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.) has announced it will partner to make EFLX embedded FPGA from Flex Logix (San Mateo, Calif.) available for the SiFive Freedom Platform as part of the DesignShare program.
By Peter Clarke


SiFive Freedom Platform and its DesignShare partners reduce and defer up front cost in ASIC development by providing low- or no-cost IP during the prototyping phase. By reducing the investment cost and streamlining the IP acquisition process, the DesignShare program aims to significantly increase the number of new silicon designs starts.

EFLX embedded FPGA will be available for the SiFive Freedom Platform of SoCs at 28nm and 180nm, with several embedded FPGA array size options available for each node. The EFLX embedded FPGA also will be integrated into a future tape-out of the SiFive U500 base platform for customer evaluation using SiFive evaluation boards and software. Flex Logix embedded FPGA for the SiFive Freedom Platform can directly connect up to 64 GPIO while acting as a reconfigurable accelerator for specific tasks.

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