Smart Air City initiative offers 4 month free air-monitoring to applicants

Smart Air City initiative offers 4 month free air-monitoring to applicants

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Hawa Dawa, a Munich-based company specialising in air quality management, is launching this year's Smart Air City campaign: to four cities four measurement devices will be available free of charge for four months.
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Application is open from now until 31st of December. With a free and non-binding test phase, Hawa Dawa facilitates the entry into air quality management in cities. During this time, the data of the measurement devices are made available in the Hawa Dawa data management platform. It is a convenient and riskless way for cities to gain experience in the use of state-of-the-art  IoT technology and to combine existing activities for digitisation and smart city with the topic of air quality. This campaign is for cities and municipalities that want to get initial insights into their air quality, test IoT sensors or supplement their Smart City projects with environmental data. The application can be submitted until the 31st of December 2019 directly on

Hawa Dawa provides accurate and comprehensive data on air quality in real-time from high-quality measurement devices leveraging machine learning –  as a basis for a variety of applications at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

The measurement network measures the most important pollutants in the air, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and ozone. The Hawa Dawa Analytics  Platform uses artificial intelligence methods to calculate a comprehensive and high-resolution image of air quality from these many point-by-point readings, considering other sources (current weather, satellite and traffic data), even for places in areas where no sensors are installed. The Hawa Dawa real-time database supports smart city and smart mobility solutions as well as fact-based urban planning.

Janina Stork, Head of Sales at Hawa Dawa, said: “Many cities in Germany and Switzerland are already using Hawa  Dawa’s environmental data for various objectives. In doing so, they are not only actively taking up the issue of air quality, but are also positioning themselves as pioneers and innovation leaders for companies and citizens with the need for innovation. The experience gained during the test phase of this Smart  Air City campaign provides concrete indications on how air quality management can look for their area. We are particularly pleased that Meschede, as the winner of the last Smart Air City campaign, has decided to extend the period to a full year. Due to the positive response, we are extending this round to four cities. “

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