Smart MEMS microphones market emerges

Smart MEMS microphones market emerges
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Smart microphone components are expected to emerge in 2016 and be taken up in a variety of consumer electronics including smartphones, wearable devices, smart home and automotive, according to SAR Insight & Consulting.
By Peter Clarke


What SAR defines as smart microphones are those that are used as a primary input interface and that need to be always on/always listening for spoken commands. These microphones need high performance at low standby power to work with speech recognition engines for digital assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Now, and Siri.

Such microphones will have almost no share in a MEMS microphones market in 2016 worth about $1.04 billion. However by 2020 the market share will be $300 million out of a total of about $1.62 billion, SAR estimates. Almost 6 billion MEMS microphones are expected to ship in 2020 for use in a wide range of equipment.

Smart microphones have emerged as an alternative to other integrated voice input and processing solutions where ultra-low power consumption is paramount,” said Peter Cooney principal analyst at SAR Insight & Consulting.

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