SmartBond wireless MCU doubles performance, range

SmartBond wireless MCU doubles performance, range

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The SmartBond DA1469x family of Bluetooth low energy SoCs, from Dialog Semiconductor plc, builds on past success with the SmartBond family to support the incoming Bluetooth 5.1 standard with greater processing power, resources, range and battery life for a wide variety of IoT connected consumer applications.
By Peter Clarke


The range has three cores – the microDSP, Cortex-M33F and Cortex-M0+ – to support sensing, processing and communication, respectively. It comes with an integrated radio that offers double the range compared to its predecessor together with an ARM Cortex-M0+ based software-programmable packet engine that implements protocols and provides full flexibility for wireless communication.

Bluetooth 5.1, with its Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure features, is likely to restart interest in beaconing and location services. With its radio and configurable protocol engine, the DA1469x complies with this version of the standard and opens new opportunities for devices that require accurate indoor positioning such as building access and remote keyless entry systems.

To enhance the sensing functionality of the DA1469x, the M33 application processor and M0+ protocol engine are complemented with a Sensor Node Controller (SNC), which is based on a programmable micro-DSP that runs autonomously and independently processes data from the sensors connected to its digital and analog interfaces, waking the application processor only when needed. In addition a Power Management Unit (PMU) controls the different processing cores and only activates them as needed.

The DA1469x family is implemented in 55nm ULP CMOS and features up to 144 DMIPS, 512kbytes of RAM, memory protection, a floating-point unit, a dedicated crypto engine to enable end-to-end security and expandable memories.

“The demands of today’s connected consumer are expanding with each new product cycle,” said Sean McGrath, Senior VP & GM of Dialog Semiconductor’s Connectivity Business Group. “Our SmartBond wireless microcontrollers are recognized in the market as being designed not only to meet the needs of today’s users, but to anticipate where the market is heading and offer development opportunities for our customers for their next product cycles.

“With the DA1469x family, we have doubled the processing power, quadrupled available resources and doubled the battery lifetime compared to its predecessor, making it by far, one of the most advanced, feature-rich Bluetooth products we’ve developed to date,” said Sean McGrath general manager of Dialog Semiconductor’s connectivity business unit, in a statement.

The DA1469x variants will start volume production in 1H19. Dialog will also visit several cities worldwide for its first SmartBond wireless microcontroller technology tour during the year.

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