SMIC spin-off foundry ramps MEMS, power chip production

SMIC spin-off foundry ramps MEMS, power chip production

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics Corp. (Shaoxing, China), a foundry spin-off from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (Shanghai, China) has reportedly increased its production of MEMS and power devices to 70,000 wafers per month.
By Peter Clarke


SMEC was formed in March 2018 with a total investment of 5.88 billion yuan (about US$900 million) and broke ground on its 200mm wafer fab in May 2018 in Gaobu Town, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City.  The main manufacturing processes are for MEMS, IGBT and MOSFET, which were brought in from SMIC, where they had been incubated over the previous ten years.

The company’s 200mm wafer production line is complemented by a module packaging production line. The company started installing equipment in August 2019 and began production in December 2019 with plans to expand manufacturing capacity to 40,000 wafers per month in 4Q20. SMEC has now increased manufacturing capacity to 70,000 wafer starts per month, according to a Digitimes report, that referenced unnamed industry sources.

This first phase of SMEC is expected to have fully-installed manufacturing capacity of 100,000 wafer per month.

The company plans to spend an additional 6 billion yuan (about US$925 million) over the first five years of the foundries existence.

SMEC’s senior management is drawn heavily from SMIC. CEO Michael Zhao, spent 14 years at HuaHong NEC and nine years at SMIC rising to the position of senior director of the planning center. Executive vice president Jerry Liu was R&D director of sensors and advanced packaging at SMIC and Shelley Zhang, vice president of marketing and sales served SMIC as senior business manager for Asia and Europe for SMIC.

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