Software-enhanced sound solution targets portable devices

Software-enhanced sound solution targets portable devices

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Wolfson Microelectronics has just released the Ez2 listen software solution which works alongside the company's existing hardware platforms, such as its HD audio hubs, to deliver rich, cinema-quality sound to mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets.
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Ez2 listen includes many sound enhancement features such as 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound for speakers and headphones, bass and treble boost, and multi-band compression sound level equaliser, which brings music, movies and games to life by improving the output volume of the device and delivering up to 7dB more volume whilst maintaining quality and without compromising the speaker. Using a Wolfson audio digital signal processor (DSP) in combination with an audio hub comes with the added advantage of a reduced power requirement, so that music can be played while the host application processors are left in sleep mode, ensuring that battery life extends as long as possible.

Ez2 listen is the latest software feature to be introduced from Wolfson’s Ez2 software collection, and supports Wolfson’s four HD Audio solutions categories: HD Audio Voice, HD Audio Playback, HD Audio Capture and HD Audio Share.

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