ST, USound demo MEMS-based speakers in headphones

ST, USound demo MEMS-based speakers in headphones

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USound GmbH and its manufacturing partner STMicroelectronics have progressed MEMS-membrane based speakers to the status of headphone demonstration.
By Peter Clarke


The demonstration presents over-the-ear headphones that contain 14 of the miniature, low-profile speakers to create 3D-audio effects. These allow wearers to localize sounds occurring to the right, left, behind, or elsewhere, in a virtual or augmented reality.

USound’s micro-speakers feature piezo-electric actuators that smaller size, lower power consumption, lower heat dissipation unmatched by conventional electro-dynamic balanced-armature speakers but while maintaining excellent sound quality.

“We already have a development kit available for these 3D headphones featuring our advanced silicon micro-speakers, to help customers create revolutionary audio products for gaming, general entertainment, leisure, and professional uses such as training or simulation,” said Ferruccio Bottoni, CEO of USound, in a statement issued by STMicroelectronics.

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