Swedish IR sensor firm appoints Qualcomm veteran to board

Swedish IR sensor firm appoints Qualcomm veteran to board

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Johan Lodenius, a pioneer of single-chip application processors for mobile phones with Qualcomm and MediaTek has been appointed to the board of JonDeTech Sensors AB (Stockholm, Sweden).
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JonDeTech recently announced plans to list its share on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Stockholm in 2Q18 and raise about SEK 30 million (about $3.4 million).

JonDeTech is a developer of plastic thermopiles with a vertical thermocouple lead arrangement. The company’s sensors can have a thickness of 0.2mm allowing them to be integrated into many different products. Research into the technology started in 2003 and JonDeTech was founded in 2008. It underwent a strategic reformation in 2013 and is now targeting consumer electronics and the Internet of Things.

JonDeTech’s thermopiles register wavelengths from 250nm up to 22.5 micron – from visible light up to the mid infrared. The vertical arrangement of the thermopile using a plastic membrane enables the sensor to measure both heat flux and temperature. The configuration is robust and can be used bare, without encapsulation.

Standard modules are 3mm by 3mm (JIRS3) and 5mm by 5mm (JIRS5) but larger sensor can be formed by tiling sensors side-by-side. Typical applications are presense detection, heat flux and temperature measurement.

Lodenius began his career as a chip design engineer with Ericsson in 1988 and went on to serve as senior vice president of marketing for Qualcomm’s QCT division and as chief marketing officer for MediaTek Inc. Lodenius also led Coresonic AB, a developer of DSP technology for wireless basebands, and oversaw its sale to MediaTek in 2012 (see Coresonic bought by MediaTek).

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“As a result of a breakthrough in nanotechnology research, JonDeTech has developed and patented an IR sensor that has the potential to become leading in the global marketplace,” said Lodenius, in a statement issued by JonDeTech. “JonDeTech’s IR sensors are down to a tenth as thick as conventional sensors, and can be manufactured in high volumes at low cost, which opens for a multitude of applications.”

“Johan Lodenius brings exceptional technology know-how coupled with deep international business experience from global top-level cellphone and electronics markets to our company,” said JonDeTech CEO Robert Ekström, in the same statement.

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