SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released

SystemC AMS 2.0 standard for mixed-signal design freshly released

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Accellera Systems Initiative has announced the completion of the SystemC Analog /Mixed-Signal (AMS) 2.0 extensions, an industry-driven mixed-signal standard for electronic system-level design.
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The AMS 2.0 standard is fully compatible with the latest release of the SystemC standard, IEEE Std. 1666-2011. The update of the AMS extensions contains additional features to model dynamic and reactive mixed-signal behavior at high levels of abstraction. New semantics and language constructs complement the standard to address modeling accuracy, fidelity and speed for efficient mixed-signal system-level design. The release incorporates updates from the public review conducted in 2012.

A main feature of the updated SystemC AMS 2.0 standard is the introduction of dynamic features for the Timed Data Flow (TDF) model of computation, the abstract modeling style introduced in SystemC AMS 1.0. Concepts such as variable and event-triggered time steps, data rates and delays that enable more efficient and even faster simulation performance make SystemC AMS an excellent language for the creation of SystemC-centric mixed-signal virtual prototypes.

The SystemC AMS 2.0 language reference manual (LRM) is available for download under SystemC open-source license at

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